Why Sitecore’s Online Marketing Suite beats Google Analytics

Wooohoo.. I’m writing.

I’m quite fascinated that I’m really writing a blog post again. Sorry, but I’ve been busy 24/7, but to let you know. It’s great! I’ve met so many great people and have seen a lot’s of different cities so far. ;-)

I’ll be moving my blog to a new server and will migrate it to Sitecore – far away from Wordpress, but as you can imagine this will take some time.

Back to topic: I’ve stumpled upon a post by a Google Analytics Team Member, unfortunately it’s in german. Summary: Google creates a Browser Plugin to disable Google Analytics of the website. The result: Your statistics will be incorrect and may lead you to a wrong conclusion. You may invest money in something which doesn’t make sense at all, because everybody of your important visitors disabled the analytics tracker by Google.

Why is Sitecore Analytics better? Sitecore Analytics works on the server side! :-) So here you have the correct statistics along with real-time personalization, the best of it in my eyes. 

Unfortunately I’ve to get back to my work. Just to let you know what will come up in the future and that I’m not dead. :-)

 Hope you have a great weekend.

 cheers chris

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